Logibec is a healthcare-based technology company whose space has been transformed into a light, cheerful, and sophisticated work environment. They opted for a more collaborative approach by trading private offices for open workstations and meeting spaces. A neutral palette lends itself to effective colour blocking to differentiate each unique space.

"Logibec has been a tenant of the Landmark 3 building since 2013 and prior to that under the QHR Software brand for better than 15 years. It has been and is becoming even more so the most desirable spot in town to serve as our branch office on the West Coast. With the additions of Landmark 6, Landmark District dining and the nearly complete Landmark 7 building along with the additional parking there is no question this will become a central hub in the city. COVID-19 presented us with unprecedented challenges and a large part was embarking on a renovation project to reimagine and repurpose our work space so it would serve our employees in better and safer ways when considering the additional measures and protocols we need to be aware of. The tendering process had the project awarded to the CREATE team at Stober Construction and it was the very best thing. Anyone familiar with doing any home renovation can appreciate the complexities that arise when the project takes on a much larger commercial scale with a myriad of trades, permitting and suppliers. Working with Cassidy, Daniel and the rest of the team was an absolute pleasure. Not only was their knowledge of prior lease hold improvements in the space absolutely beneficial to the project they were always professional, responsive and respectful of the space. Having someone like Daniel on the ground, and available, was invaluable as the project progressed. We were able to quickly identify areas that needed decision and we could act quickly. At the outset, and having been through some not so hot projects, I was impressed with how seemingly seamlessly this project came off. Beginning in June of 2021 we wrapped the project on-time despite having some pandemic related supplier delays and I could not be happier. Without question I would not hesitate to recommend the team to any current or future tenant of the Landmark District looking to undertake improvements to their space. It would be the best decision made out of the 100’s that will need to be made. Thank you Cassidy, Daniel and the entire team." Shawn Bell, Director Canadian Operations

  • Location Landmark 3
  • Design East + Mack
  • Build CREATE